Thursday, July 30, 2009

Iraq's Future rests with them

This SWAT guy was proud of his motor Scooter(Not kidding)

This is my SWAT Buddy

I do believe these guys plan on taking over the world!

And you thought the Vierigs had unibrow

MRAP this is how we roll Tansformers anyone?

Joep getting ready to fly on the helo

Sorry I have not updated you in a while, I have been slacking and I will do better. Here are a few pictures of Iraq's future, these are a few IP'S (Iraqi Police) do you feel secure? Here are a few of thier SWAT guys. They are good to go, but it is hard not to judge a book by its cover right? Here are a few other randon pics of Joep and I in our travels.


  1. Thanks for updating your blog. It helps me to rest a little easier. I'm sure you and Joep are training these men well, they have a lot of work ahead of them.

    Love you, I pray everyday for your safety, for your men, and of course Joep. I would love to see some pics of the other dogs in your unit!


  2. Mark, love the pics! Thanks for sharing them with us. We all love and miss you so much! Especially Kristen, Dakota and Bodee! Take care and we can't wait to see and hug you!!

    Love, Mom Brenda

  3. Mark, we love and miss you. We can hardly wait for you to get home to your family. Give Joep a hug for us and thank him watching over you. Stay safe and keep us updated in your blog.
    Scott was ordained a deacon last Sunday and got to pass Sacrament at church today. I think my mom would be so proud of him.
    Love ya kiddo,

  4. I love you Brother! Can't wait for your safe return! I hope you have a good Birthday! sorry I didn't dare send Chocolate Eclair Cake to you! You will have to take a rain check for when you are here in Utah!

  5. Mark welcome home very soon. I know your arrival date keeps getting moved back but perhaps today (10-4-09) is the day!

    We are all very *proud* of you Mark and Kristen who has kept the home fires burning..

    God bless you, Kristen, Dakota, and Bodee.
    Uncle Eddie & Karen